Since 1985, Axonn has been committed to the research, development and commercialization of satellite and radio frequency-based hardware for the tracking, monitoring and management of fixed and mobile remote assets. Our focus is to provide cost-efficient, low power, reliable and secure monitoring devices that can be used across a spectrum of diverse applications.
Axonn enables our industrial, commercial and government customers to harvest previously inaccessible data and maximize asset utilization — allowing for more efficient business operations, increased asset visibility and improved productivity levels.
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Axonn develops strong relationships with our value added resellers through collaboration. We work closely with our partners to integrate our products into their customized global solutions for the tracking, monitoring and management of almost any type of remote asset imaginable, including:
Cargo Containers Military Field Assets
Refrigerator and Dry Van Trailers Railcar
Heavy Equipment Mobile Generators
Government Assets Oil, Gas Assets & Propane

Nov 28, 2006:
Axonn Launches AXTracker MMT®
Sept 25, 2006: Axonn Receives Patent for Proprietary Transmitter Unit
Jul 1, 2006:
Axonn Moves Headquarters, Signs Two New Executives
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AXTracker's simplex operation often replaces the need for costly, complicated and power-consuming two-way communications. Both devices’ low profile and stealth design allow them to be easily installed without the need for harnesses, external power or antennas.
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